"Friends forever, Inshallah. When the photography teacher came, we started to take photos of ourselves and the school became nicer. We challenged ourselves in photography. We took photos of each other. I so much liked the group pictures. I wish you like my story." - Sara, 11

Frame Your Story partnered with 100Cameras to lead a 100Cameras SnapShot Project in Istanbul, Turkey.

Teaching artist, Beatrice Schachenmayr traveled to Istanbul in October, 2015 with 10 Canon Point-and-Shoot cameras and 100Cameras' photography curriculum. Over the course of six months she met with two separate classes, twice a week. The children, all from Syria, learned how to compose photographs and create coherent photo pairs, while writing and sharing their stories with one another in the process. Through their images and accompanied text, they each had the opportunity to create a meaningful journal of their pictures. The project concluded with a final exhibition of the students' photographs at Cezayir, a popular exposition space in downtown Istanbul. Their families attended, as well as the organization, and many people from the community. It was a night to remember for everyone involved, especially the young storytellers.

How many children participated, and what ages? The project had forty Syrian participants, between the ages of 4 and 16.

Where did the project take place? The project took place at ASAM Organization's Child Friendly Space, where children are placed into schools within the city, provided with living essentials like clothing and medicine and offered extracurricular activities to (re)discover their voice.

Who is 100Cameras? 100Cameras is a non-profit organization based in New York City. For the past seven years they have successfully completed photography projects with youth. Their ultimate goal is to return all the proceeds that are collected through exhibition auctions, event fundraising, etc., to the communities the projects originated from. Ultimately, the money that is raised from the youth’s photographs in Istanbul will be returned to ASAM to provide aids to the refugee populations in Turkey.

Support Syrian Refugee youth in Istanbul at ASAM's Child Friendly Space by purchasing a photograph, taken by a participant of the project. Click Here